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enit + 39 0422 749491 Via delle Industrie 16 - 31043 Fontanelle TV




Experts in the production of moulds for plastic processing

Nespolo Costruzioni Meccaniche SNC has been present on the definitive prototype moulds market since 1996. We are specialized in the production of moulds for thermoplastic moulding, hot-moulding, blow-moulding, bonding templates, as well as providing moulds expecially commissioned by the client.

In a market where everything is based on costs, volumes and efficiency, our company has focused its production on niche markets with specific requirements, while at the same time being flexible to match changing needs.

Custom made Moulds

Aluminum and steel prototype moulds meant for thermoplastic moulding are inexpensive, reliable, light-weighted and supply high quality performances: the mould goes through a quality check before production.

We produce steel moulds for thermoplastic moulding or blow-moulding.We collaborate with companies that work for big international brands.

One of our leading sectors is the production of bonding templates for spoilers, dashboards, and other aesthetical details for the automotive field.

We design and produce moulds for blow-moulding plastic processing, such as containers, bottles, dispensers. We have specific equipment to produce moulds for any kind of container.

We produce masks and welding fixtures, which help the operator in the assembling process of complex mechanical components.

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